about Jacqueline T.

Henry Miller (author) once said:

“I have got 1,000 faces and all of them are real”

To free your faces, give them an expression through clothing, a fashionable facial expression, you consciously wear something special.

Thereby, the urge for individuality is playing a growing role. Do you want to see your suite or your dress several times over?

Fashion is the expression of your own personality and serves to strengthen your self-confidence.

Jacqueline is a German fashion designer. After finishing her studies in fashion design and working for several fashion designers she established her own label Jacqueline T. in 2001 - she opened a studio and two shops in Sangerhausen, which is near the beautiful Harz Mountains in Germany and famous for the world’s biggest rose garden.

As a fashion designer she manufactures accurate individual fashion based on the desire and taste of her customers. Through talks and her trained ‘eye’ she is able to respond to the respective character and individual figure of her patrons and encourages them to take an active role in designing the garment, from initial concept through to completion with accessories.

Beside that she also produces one collection every year which will be shown in fashion shows and is always available for sale.

Like a work of art an article of clothing will come into being, made out of a flat piece of fabric.

When going on her mission to find the perfect fabric for her outfits, she looks for unusual patterns and high quality. Natural looking colours, such as browns, reds and greens, sometimes black and white on occasion are the dominating colours of her collections.

She loves to emphasize feminine shapes! Sharp tailoring and experiments with collars and sleeves are characteristic for her outfits, all of which are unique…because you are!

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